Carbon Steel Spring Grid Couplings



Usage/Application Structure Pipe
Material Carbon Steel
Size 1 inch
Power 0.45 kw to 1307 kw
Speed 100 rpm
Bore Size 267 mm

Product Description

Grid style couplings are often used in medium- to heavy-duty applications and use a spring style metallic element with looping segments that interlock with the hub teeth.The grid element or spring is made of high tensile alloy steel. The grid element transmits torque and accommodates some misalignment and shock loading in the system.The metallic grid coupling design allows for a more power-dense coupling solution in comparison to elastomeric designs.Because of the relative movement between mating metal surfaces, the grids and teeth must be lubricated as specified by the coupling manufacturer.A typical grid coupling consists of the following components:

  • two hubs
  • two seals
  • two gaskets
  • a grid element
  • either an axially split or vertically split (perpendicular to the shaft)cover



  • Torsionally flexible providing protection against shock load, impact load and vibration
  • Heat treated spring steel grid absorbs high impact shocks without loss of energy
  • Transmits full torque with dampened vibration and reduce peak loads
  • When over load occurs, grid fails and prevents failure of the shaft or machinery part connected to the coupling
  • Two variants: Horizontally split covers and vertically split covers

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