Transverse Moving Chain Crane Coupling



Chain coupling casing is suitable for the wheel shaft coupling, chain coupling is the use of common chain, at the same time the two tied for the sprocket meshing teeth of the same, different structural type of chain coupling is the main difference between different chain, common are double row roller chain coupling, single row roller chain coupling, coupling tooth shape chain, nylon chain coupling, etc.

The chain coupling has the advantages of simple structure (composed of four parts), convenient installation and disassembly, no need to move the connected two shafts when disassembling, compact size, light weight, certain compensation ability, low requirement for installation accuracy, reliable work, long life and low cost.

Our Chain Coupling Specification:
1. Material: C45 steel, Alloy steel, Aluminum, Rubber and plastic etc.
2. OEM and ODM are available
3. High efficient in transmission
4. Finishing: Painted.
5. High quality with competitive price
6. Different models suitable for your different demands
7. Stock for different bore size on both sides available.
8. Application in wide range of environment.
9. Quick and easy mounting and disassembly.
10. Resistant to oil and electrical insulation.
11. Identical clockwise and anticlockwise rotational characteristics.
12. Small dimension, low weight, high transmitted torque.
13. It has good performance on compensating the misalignment.

Chain Coupling Application:
Chain couplings can be used for textile, agricultural machinery, lifting and transportation, engineering, mining, light industry, chemical and other machinery shafting drive.Suitable for high temperature, wet and dusty working conditions, not for high speed, violent impact load and axial force transfer occasions, chain coupling should be in good lubrication and protective cover.

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